Dementia Mealtime Assessment Tool

The DMAT™ is a British software innovation based on research evidence, best practice guidelines and clinical and caring experience that generates person centred care plans to improve the mealtime experience.

The DMAT online system empowers anyone caring for someone living with dementia to create a dementia friendly mealtime specifically to help the individual maintain independence and dignity at mealtimes, improving their quality of life.

Once you logon to the DMAT there is a Dementia Friendly Mealtime Support Forum available where you can discuss issues with caring and using the DMAT.

Everyone can access The DMAT as it is available across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. To see how it can support you to improve the nutritional care you provide test it out with a free 30 day trial.

The Dementia mealtime Assessment Tool helping create Dementia Friendly Mealtimes

Helping Carers To Create Dementia Friendly Mealtimes

As dementia advances eating difficulties associated with mealtimes affect the majority of people living with dementia. These eating difficulties lead to weight loss and malnutrition with associated decrease in quality of life.

Mealtime eating difficulties are challenging for the carer to manage due to the many complexities involved. For example the decreased ability to self-feed, the interaction with the mealtime environment, the impact of swallowing difficulties along with adequate knowledge of nutrition make this a highly complex area of care.

To add to the confusion there are many interventions that can be trialled although clear evidence for effectiveness is scarce. What is clear is that a multi-component intervention tailored for the individual has the best chance of success.

This is where the DMAT comes in and provides the vessel between identifying mealtime difficulties and deciding what to do about them, how to do it and importantly how to monitor and evaluate outcomes.

Clearly designed and intuitive to use, the DMAT offers a simple way to observe and record common mealtime eating difficulties in dementia. Ranging from the inability to use cutlery to refusing to eat or experiencing swallowing difficulties. Solutions to these mealtime eating difficulties can be selected within the DMAT. The DMAT will then generate a care plan which can be printed off and saved to help monitor outcomes.

Through the website you can access a 30 day complimentary trial, which will help you understand the full potential of the DMAT software. Just Logon to The DMAT and create an account here.

You can also download and use the DMAT Initial Measurement Form for free to help you identify 37 of the most common mealtime eating difficulties seen in dementia and cognitive impairment. Click here to download.

Please do read the instructions before using the DMAT which you can access once you have logged onto your account or the instructions can also be found here on the blog.

If you have specific questions about the DMAT or to find out more email and we will answer any questions you may have.

*The DMAT is not a substitute for good clinical care*