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Newsletter No 9: The N&H Week Issue | Evidenced based models of care | The DMAT webinar | Wardipedia mealtime tips | Resource (N&H Week) and Recipe (Afternoon Tea) of the Month…

Dementia Friendly Mealtimes Newsletter (February 2017)

In a couple of weeks it will be that time again for Nutrition & Hydration Week (N&H Week) which is now an amazing Global event! It got me reminiscing about N&H Week from 2014 when I presented a webinar on an innovative assessment and intervention audit I completed on an elderly care ward in an NHS hospital. I have linked to the webinar below which is still available on the N&H Week website.

That audit and the feedback I got from the webinar helped lead to creating The DMAT and I will always be thankful to Caroline Leko who invited me to speak at Nutrition and Hydration Week as well as Maxine Cartz at Compass Group for seeing the value in what I was trying to do. So please make sure you and your teams get involved in N&H Week 2017 – you can see more about the event by following the link from our resource of the month which is (yes you guessed it) Nutrition & Hydration Week 2017!

Also this month we have a great research article which has only just been published, a fantastic article on ‘Wardipedia‘ which ties in brilliantly with N&H Week and some beautiful looking afternoon tea recipes in our recipe section.

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OPEN ACCESS paper: Nutrition and dementia care: developing an evidence-based model for nutritional care in nursing homes 

This is an interesting study which used focus groups asking carers about various aspects of mealtime care in dementia. The seven identified areas the carers involved in the focus groups discussed were person-centred nutritional care (the overarching theme); availability of food and drink; tools, resources and environment; relationship to others when eating and drinking; participation in activities; consistency of care and provision of information. Everything the carers discussed is grounded in the work being undertaken by The DMAT which helps reaffirm what we are doing. Translating complex areas of mealtime care into practical caring strategies is what The DMAT aims to achieve. This paper is open access so follow the link for access to the full paper.

The DMAT webinar from N&H Week 2014

You can follow the link to this page from N&H Week 2014 resources to watch the webinar I presented: It was on Wednesday 19 March entitled ‘Can a simple tool be used to identify and treat behavioural feeding difficulties in people with dementia?’

Practical mealtime advice for hospital ward settings

I have only just discovered ‘Wardipedia’ described as the mental health inpatient care lovechild of Wikipedia and the Argos catalogue! I love that description. This article provides so many ideas for improving mealtime care for older people with dementia in a ward environment and links to some useful resources. Hopefully it may provide inspiration for some ideas to use for Nutrition and Hydration Week….

Resource of the month!

Yes you’ve got it is Nutrition & Hydration Week from 13th – 19th March 2017. Click the image to be taken to the N&H Week website or follow this link. You will discover many resources on the website to help with nutritional care and find ways you can get involved in N&H Week this year. Don’t forget Wednesday 15th March 2017 will see an afternoon tea celebrated around the world! If you are having a tea party during Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017, please tweet photos to @NHWeek and use the hashtag #NHW2017.

Recipe of the month!

Continuing the theme of Nutrition & Hydration Week as mentioned above each year an afternoon tea party is celebrated around the world. Traditional afternoon tea is a British institution in itself and provides a fantastic opportunity to offer some tasty food and drink all presented in that traditional afternoon tea style. Click the picture above (or follow this link) to be taken to the Nourish Afternoon Tea website where you can access the recipes for the afternoon tea foods shown in the picture (which all look amazing).
You can find more cooking ideas and dementia mealtime information on The DMAT Pinterest boards and on our YouTube channel. Just click on the Pinterest and YouTube logos below and take a look. 

Thanks for reading, see you next month

Lee Martin MSc RD


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