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Newsletter No 6: Food Matters Live | Dementia Video | The DMAT Free for 1 month | Finger Foods | Resource (Food First) and Recipe of the Month…

Dementia Friendly Mealtimes Newsletter (October 2016)

Next month The DMAT will be presenting at Food Matters Live at the ExCel in London. Food Matters Live is a free event running from Tuesday 22nd – Thursday 24th November 2016 all you need to do to attend is sign up via the website

The DMAT will be discussing ‘Strategies to improve nutritional care for people with dementia’. This is one part of the session ‘Nutritional support in later life’ where there are some great speakers; see the line up here. Please take a look at this brochure (available here) which includes highlights from across the seminar programme, conference debates, interactive attractions and exhibitions.

If you cannot make it then you can always follow the action on social media: Use the twitter handle @FoodMattersLive and/or #FoodMattersLive2016

Actor Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) is helping to improve understanding of dementia by lending his voice to a new animation from Alzheimer’s Research UK

Usually we link to a research paper but this month Alzheimer’s Research UK released the video above and we really like it so we thought we would share it with you! This 4 minute animated video gives a great overview of Dementia and what it is. It also saves you an hour reading through a detailed research paper but don’t worry the research papers will be back next month… 

The DMAT is now free for a one month trial (since September 2016) and it certainly looks like this has helped carers create more care plans

Time goes so quickly and it seems even more so when the days get darker! Hopefully a 30 day free trial will give everyone more time to try The DMAT. If you haven’t already please head over to The DMAT software (here) and spend 10-20 minutes creating a care plan to help support the mealtime abilities of the people living with dementia you care for.. 

Food for thought: Facilitating independence with finger foods

There are many ways to support the eating abilities of people living with dementia. As the ability to feed yourself is reduced finger foods can be one of these useful interventions. This brief (but very informative and practical) article from the Australian Journal of Dementia Care provides inspiration for finger food options and how to tailor the type of finger foods provided to suit the abilities of the individual.  

Resource of the month!

Taking a Food First approach to improve the identification and management of malnutrition and dehydration in the elderly

Click the ‘Food First’ image to be taken to the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) website. The nutrition and dietetic department have for many years been huge advocates of a Food First Approach to nutritional care. On the website you will find links to many resources which are all free to access and download in pdf.

Recipe of the month!

Cheap ingredients, easy to make, tasty and packed full of protein and calories. Truly awesome recipe….go make it! I doubt oral nutrition supplements would ever have been created if people who needed nutrition support were offered real food like this. Click the image to be taken to the recipe..
You can find more cooking ideas and dementia mealtime information on The DMAT Pinterest boards. Just click on the Pinterest logo at the top right of the web page and take a look (also linked here).   

Thanks for reading, see you next month

Lee Martin MSc RD


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