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Newsletter No 3: Food Matters Live | My Home Life | Easier Access to The DMAT | Practical Advice for Home Care | Resource and Recipe of the Month…

Dementia Friendly Mealtimes Newsletter (May 2016)

Some good news and some disappointing news this month. The good news is The DMAT has been invited to present at Food Matters Live in November (2016). I will be discussing practical nutrition support strategies targeted at people living with dementia and there are plenty of other good speakers on the day too.

The disappointing news is that unfortunately the funding application for a clinical research trial with Bond University was unsuccessful. The DMAT will continue to collaborate with research institutions to provide much needed research into ways to improve nutritional care in dementia. Wish us luck on our next funding proposal!

My Home Life – Researching ways to improve the quality of life in older people

Usually in this section we highlight a particular research study. In light of our recent attempt to get involved in research, we thought it would be poignant to highlight a fantastic research initiative that care homes can become involved with. If you are a researcher or care home manger (or just interested) please take a look a My Home Life. Research into the best ways to care for people with dementia needs your support, so if you can, please help.

Easier Access To The DMAT

We have updated the home page of the website. We hope it now makes it easier to access The DMAT system and start creating dementia friendly care plans. 

Practical advice for home care

Every month we will link to useful article on mealtime eating difficulties. Ignore the fact that this was written in 2006, it was updated last year and is a great article and theme of home care can easily be transferred to the care home setting. The practical advice places a lot of emphasis on maintaining independence at mealtimes something here at the DMAT we are passionate about. It also discusses how useful observing the person and the mealtime environment is and gives tips to overcome problems you observe. Much like The DMAT! 

Resource of the month!

The MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment) was developed nearly 20 years ago and is the most well validated nutrition screening tool for the elderly helping to identifying older adults who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. Recently it has been revised into a shorter version and called the MNA-SF (Short Form). This has 6 questions and includes a specific question on dementia (click the image to obtain a copy). At the DMAT we recommend this is the tool to use for screening risk of malnutrition in elderly or dementia. In the UK emphasis is placed on using The Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) and if you are required to use the MUST then please do! If you can choose what screening tool to use then consider using the MNA-SF.

Recipe of the month!

During recent travels in Argentina the go to snack food was Empanadas. Whether it was stuffed with carne (beef), queso (cheese) or like the version here vegetable, it was a great food to eat on the go. Empanadas can be high calorie and nutritious, you can basically put anything you want in them. Of course you do not have to make empanadas, mini Cornish pasties or mini Jamaican patties are just as good too! They are designed to be finger foods so hopefully this provides some inspiration for your finger food menu.
You can find more cooking ideas and dementia mealtime information on The DMAT Pinterest boards. Just click on the Pinterest logo below and take a look.  

Thanks for reading, see you next month

Lee Martin MSc RD


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