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Dementia Friendly Mealtimes Newsletter (March 2016)

The dementia friendly mealtimes newsletter will be sent out monthly.

Each newsletter will provide you with the latest nutrition research in dementia, give practical articles to enhance mealtime eating abilities, consist of features that help you use The DMAT effectively and also provide helpful tips for dealing with the nutritional care of people living with dementia.  The information linked in the newsletter is summarised briefly but for more in-depth information click on the images to be taken to the full article.

On February 1st 2016 The DMAT became a live online system after existing as a paper version since 2011. Currently it is a very exciting time for nutritional dementia care. There is now a lot of interest from research institutions looking at how best to deal with mealtime eating abilities and behaviours in dementia after years of neglect on this topic.

The DMAT has just been in Australia talking to Bond University who are interested in using The DMAT in research as an intervention for aged care. More on this as things progress….

ESPEN  guidelines on nutrition in dementia

These new guidelines are currently open access so download a copy of the report while you can. The report doesn’t provide anything new or groundbreaking but reinforces that many things can be done to improve nutritional care and support as part of dementia management. 
The Dementia mealtime Assessment Tool helping create Dementia Friendly Mealtimes

A British Software Innovation in Nutritional Dementia Care

The launch of the DMAT system also coincides nicely with a book I am writing which will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Mealtime Tips for Dementia

Every month we will link to useful article on mealtime eating abilities and meal behaviours. This article is found on the Carewatch website and provides lots of really good practical tips for the mealtime including stimulating appetite and tips as dementia advances as well as other frequent problems commonly seen.

Resource of the month!

The Caroline walker Trust, which is a nutrition based charity in the UK, has for years produced practical guidelines and these ‘Eating Well’ guidelines are among their best. You will find extremely useful information on nutrition for older people and those living with dementia. The section on finger foods in particular gives lots of inspiration. You can download the guidelines for free and you can also make a donation to the charity.

Recipe of the month!

Finding interesting nutrition support recipes that are high calorie and dementia friendly is the aim here! This recipe for Fried Macaroni & Cheese Bites is both high calorie and can act as a finger food.
You can find more cooking ideas and dementia mealtime information on The DMAT Pinterest boards. Just click on the Pinterest logo at the top right of the web page and take a look (also linked here).

Thanks for reading, see you next month

Lee Martin MSc RD


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