Fourteenth edition

Newsletter No 14: EDWINA study | Updated DMAT Interventions | Eating & Drinking in Early Stage Dementia | Resource (Simple Measures) and Recipe of the Month…

Dementia Friendly Mealtimes Newsletter (October 2017)

This month we have some brilliant resources and research for you to check out and hopefully gather some valuable information and inspiration. 

Recently The DMAT (online system has had a major update to its range of evidenced based mealtime interventions. We have also made the interventions more structured which should help when implementing multi-component interventions. Logon to The DMAT via the website to access your account or sign up for a free thirty day trial and use the DMAT to create a mealtime care plan. 

EDWINA Study Summary

EDWINA (Eating and Drinking Well IN dementiA) 

If you want to get up to speed and read a good overview of the range of interventions that have been researched to support people with dementia to eat and drink well at mealtimes then this paper is a good place to start. The range of interventions discussed in this paper and many more are already included in The DMAT system to help carers create evidenced based care plans.
DMAT IMF Choice&Preferences with eating&drinking


Combining the evidenced based information from the systematic review above along with many other reviews and individual studies The DMAT system simplifies the research information into practical examples of how anyone caring for persons living with dementia can better support them to eat and drink at mealtimes.
In the last newsletter (see here) we highlighted our updated interventions to support eating and drinking abilities and this month we have updated ways to support preferences with eating and drinking. 

To access the full range of evidenced based interventions for supporting choice and preferences with eating and drinking listed in The DMAT Initial Measurement Form (shown in the image above) simply  logon to your DMAT account here or visit or if you need to create an account just follow this link and sign up for a free 30 day trial.
Soth Tees Hospital Diet Sheet

Practical advice for common eating and drinking changes in early stage dementia

The South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provide a range of resources and services for people with dementia. This short dietetic leaflet offers practical advice on how you can help someone with early stage dementia to support their abilities with eating and drinking.
Simple Measures - Resource of the month

Resource of the month!

Hydration is an important and often overlooked aspect of nutritional care. This ‘Simple Measures’ mugs and cups doe sit exactly what it says on the mug! It is simply a teacup to help see ‘at a glance’ how much fluid has been drunk. It may provide carers with an easy way to closer record the amount of fluid being consumed by an individual over a few days and if their intake is low then interventions can be put in place, such as the ones suggested by The DMAT, to improve their fluid intake. Which again can be monitored using the simply measured mug to easily measure an increase in fluid intake.

Recipe of the month!

Who doesn’t like chocolate right? Nourishing drinks provided on a regular basis can be a great way to provide additional nutrition if not enough is being consumed at mealtimes. Drinks such as smoothies can be used instead of food as snacks and can be particularly useful for those who have retained the abilities to drink without assistance. Here are some chocolate themed drinks from ‘Easy Healthy Smoothie’ all of which could be fortified with more nutrition or calories if required.
You can find more cooking ideas and dementia mealtime information on The DMAT Pinterest boards. Just click on the Pinterest logo below and take a look.  

Thanks for reading, see you next month

Lee Martin MSc RD


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