The DMAT helps anyone caring for a person living with dementia to create a person centred care plan in 3 simple steps

Step 1

The DMAT provides you with an ‘Initial Measurement Form to observe the individual living with dementia at their mealtime. The initial measurement form is an easy to use tick box form. The measurement form helps you identify 37 eating difficulties commonly seen in dementia and cognitive impairment and is split into 4 sections.

These 4 sections include eating difficulties related to: (1) the ability to self-feed, (2) preferences with food, (3) resistive or disruptive behaviour and oral eating difficulties and behaviours.

When observing a mealtime you can either use a paper copy of the DMAT Initial Measurement Form or input your observation straight into the DMAT system using your smartphone or tablet. Read more about ‘Observing People Living With Dementia‘ on our blog.

You can access a free copy of the paper version DMAT Initial Measurement Form