About The DMAT

The DMAT stands for the Dementia Mealtime Assessment Tool and has been developed from a paper based audit tool into a software innovation. The DMAT enables carers to assess, select interventions and generate a person centred care plan to support mealtime eating abilities and meal behaviours in people with advancing dementia.

Using The DMAT to improve the mealtime experience will benefit both the person with dementia and their carer.

The person centred approach to nutritional care The DMAT advocates, through assessment of mealtimes based on retaining abilities and evidenced based interventions designed to enhance or support these abilities, can help achieve the following outcomes for people living with dementia:

  • Mealtime independence
  • Improved dignity
  • Increased choices and preferences
  • Better supported meal behaviours
  • Increased nutritional intake
  • Improved socialisation
  • Improved quality of life

Facilitating mealtime care to people with advancing dementia can be stressful for the carer too. The DMAT provides access to practical evidenced based assessments and solutions that carers can implement themselves, helping to empower the carer and reduce the anxiety associated with mealtimes. If you are a carer, or provide nutritional care for someone living with dementia, The DMAT is designed to help you and the person you care for.